International students


Located in the heart Toronto, Avant is home to students from every part of the world. About 23% of our residents are international, and that number grows each year. Our staff is part of our diverse community, with team members fluent in Japanese, Portuguese and Ukrainian.

My phone number is too long to complete the application. What do I do?

If your phone number exceeds 10 digits, you will be unable to enter your full phone number when prompted. Please complete your application to the best of your ability, and follow up with your full phone number via email.

I don’t have a SIN number. What do I do?
  • Students without a SIN number should provide government issued I.D. instead. We cannot run a screening without a SIN number, so alternatively, we ask that international students pay a minimum of two instalment payments. These payments will be applied to your 11th and 12th instalment period, or your last month and second last month at Avant.
How safe is living at Avant?
  • Avant prioritizes the safety of the building and residents. A member of staff manages the front desk during the day, and our security takes over for the night – which means residents have support 24/7. Additionally, all door entries are key FOB accessed and our amenity windows are fogged for privacy.
I don’t know if I will have my study permit in time. What happens to my deposit payments if I cannot come to Canada?
  • Avant honours an international student refund policy, which entails applicants to receive a full refund of their deposits if management is given 60 days’ notice before the lease start date. Applicants looking to cancel their lease any later than this will not be refunded.
What happens if I want to go home for the summer or end my lease early?
  • Residents have the option of subleasing or reassigning their lease, but it is their responsibility to do so. If you are going home for the summer or wishing to end your lease prior to your lease end date, you are still responsible for honouring the terms of the lease agreement until that lease has been reassigned. For more information, refer to our Sublease and Lease Reassignment Guide.


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