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Getting set up in a new space can come with some unknowns, which is why we’ve set out all the information, from rental installments to what you should bring with you so that you can get started on the right foot!


What does Individual Leasing mean?

Each resident signs their own lease for their specific bedroom. So, if a roommate moves out, the other residents are not responsible for that person’s rent. Please note that common areas are a shared space.

HOw Long ARE Your Leases?

Our leases are one full-year in length, beginning in September, and ending in August the following year.

What are rental installments? Why is my rent not prorated?

A rental installment is a payment made as part of a series of payments. To simplify the billing process, the entire sum of the housing contract is divided into EQUAL installments. Instead of reducing the first installment and increasing the remaining installments, all installments are equal. These installments are factored into the start and end dates of the lease, including proration.

Can I Break My Lease?

You can break your lease early if you fall under these conditions:

⦁ You and your landlord agree

⦁ You assign the tenancy (and the unit) to someone else

⦁  The Landlord and Tenant Board issues an order ending the tenancy agreement early

⦁  You entered into a tenancy agreement with your landlord on or after April 30, 2018, the landlord did not use the standard lease tenancy form and you sent a written demand to the landlord to provide you with the proper standard lease form.

What Is Included In The Rent?

Our rental amounts include:

⦁  Fully furnished units (bed, dresser, closets, private bathrooms, kitchenettes, etc)

⦁  High-speed WiFi

⦁  All utilities

⦁  Free access to community amenities (cafe lounge, gym, study rooms, etc).

What should I bring to my new apartment?

While the furniture and appliances are included, below is a guide to help you with the personal belongings that you will need to provide:

COMMON AREA : Electronics and corresponding cords/adapters, décor, trash can, trash bags, pots and pans, plates, cups, eating/serving utensils, coffee maker. Cleaning/disinfecting supplies, dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent, etc.

BEDROOM : Linens, pillows, mattress pad, towels, toiletries, shower hooks and curtain, trash can, décor, electronics and corresponding cords/adapters, and anything else that makes you feel at home.

What if I need something repaired in my apartment?

Our onsite, professional maintenance team would be happy to help you. We will need some details so be prepared to provide specifics with your requests. You may submit a service request in the following ways:

Option 1: Enter a service request through the online resident portal.
Option 2: E‐mail your request to your community and a team member will enter a service request on your behalf.
Option 3: Visit or call the office during normal business hours and a team member will be happy to enter your service request. If it is after business hours, you are welcome to leave a message with an after-hours representative.

For Emergency Requests: A maintenance team member is on call 24/7 for emergency maintenance needs (i.e. door/window lock issues, major leaks, plumbing, no heat or AC during weather extremes, refrigerator not cooling, no electricity/gas/water, etc.). Please CALL the office at any time. If after business hours, an operator will assist you.

How do I pay my rent and when is it due?

Rent is due the first of each month and may be paid online by ACH, debit or credit card through the resident portal or by check or money order at the leasing office. NO CASH ACCEPTED. Convenience fees may be charged for online payments. Late fees vary by property. Refer to your Housing Contract for more information.

Why Has My Rent Increased?

The rent for a unit can be increased 12 months after a resident first moved in or 12 months since the resident’s last rent increase. The rent increase guideline is based on the Ontario Consumer Price Index (CPI), which is calculated monthly by Statistics Canada.

What is an N9?

An N9 is a document you sign to officially end your tenancy with Varsity at the end of your fixed term lease.

Please note, by signing an N9 document (Mutual Notice to Terminate) you give Varsity the right to lease out your unit on the date agreed upon in your N9.


Yes, we do have accessible units! They are available upon request.


We do allow our residents to sublet their apartments. It is fairly easy to find a subtenant for the months you are away, as accommodation downtown Toronto is always popular! For security purposes, we do charge a $250 sublet screening fee.

General FAQ

Are Utilities Included?

All utilities and WIFI are included in the rent.

Is Parking Included?

Parking is not included in the rent, it is a separate lease/agreement and are leased on a first come first serve basis.

My Appliances Are Not Working. What DO I DO?

Please reference our resident Resident Handbook and video guides here for information on how to use your appliances, submit maintenance requests and more.

What Is A Lock-Out Fee?

We understand life happens and sometimes you may forget or lose your key.

Locked out service is charged at $50 plus HST and a replacement key is $25 and $50 for the fob.

*Office hours are 9AM-5PM, Monday-Friday

Something is Broken or Damaged in my Suite. What Do I Do?

Please submit a maintenance request via Resident Portal. For information on how to submit a maintenance request, please refer to our video guides.


You are able to see a breakdown of your ledger via Resident Portal, including a history of your transactions.


We do not offer meal plans, as every unit comes with a fully equipped kitchen. Our residents enjoy the freedom of cooking their own meals, which typically saves them money throughout the semester.


We use a roommate matching software called RoomSync – a cross-platform roommate matching solution to help residents find their perfect roommate.

The RoomSync app uses a fun, interactive browsing format where users will swipe through potential roommate profiles, swiping left to skip and right to like. If two users mutually swipe right, they are notified that they’re “Sync’d” and are promoted to get to know each other better.

Registration emails for future Avant residents are sent out in late July/early August. Those who choose to not participate will be matched based on gender. For more information on the RoomSync platform, please click here.

Already have a roommate in mind? Even better! Invite them to apply to your roommate group under the Roommates section of the application page.


While all of our amenities are air conditioned, the apartments are not. However, residents are more than welcome to bring their own fans or portable A/C units to keep cool in the summer months.