July 12, 2022 5:58 pm

Students Save Money with SPC logo

Living on a student budget in downtown Toronto can be tricky, but SPC helps student save hundreds of dollars a year!

What is SPC?

The Student Price Card  (SPC) is a Canadian loyalty program that offers post-secondary students discounts at hundreds of retailers, restaurants, and through online shops. Toronto Metropolitan University, OCADU & UofT students can save money with SPC and benefit the most, as the cost of living continues to increase.

For $11.99/year, you can access over 450+ unique deals on everything from tech, beauty, food, travel and much more. Here are some of the most redeemed discounts offered by SPC:

u⦁ 30% off regular priced Adidas items, 15% off outlet prices

p⦁ Up to 50% off online booking through Booking.com

k⦁ Savings on Apple products and ad-free Apple Music

y⦁ 10% off select Samsung products

Students Save Money with SPC through exclusive offers

How does SPC work?

To be eligible to purchase SPC, you must be:

u⦁  13 years or older

p⦁  A post-secondary student

l⦁  Have access to a smartphone or desktop for digital membership

SPC has made the shift from plastic, physical cards to digital memberships – making it easier for to access online deals and less bulk in your wallet when you visit in-store. Additionally, you even add the SPC Chrome extension to your Google browser, or use your membership through their mobile application. These convenient ways of shopping are another way students save money with SPC.


Students Save Money with SPC app and chrome extension


How can I purchase SPC?


You can purchase SPC through our affiliate link here.

The Avant Team is also more than happy to help you set up an account, so feel free to reach out! Your membership will automatically renew at a discounted rate of $8 one year after purchase.


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